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The full description of the project was "Information system weather conditions of secondary national road network of Fthiodita Perfecture in the Region of Sterea Ellada". Citizens (residents and travelers) would be aware and take the right decisions to prepare for travel and
It's a new system for election results presentation for the whole region of Central Greece (Sterea Hellas). It aggregated results from the five prefectures of Central Greece periphery and presented them with colored maps and tables. There is also a back-end application for
This is a system for election results presentation over the internet.It is a distributed application. The data entry (client/server application) part is installed locally in the data collection location, where data entry is done and sends data to the web server, mySQL RDBMS.
The full title of this project with acronym GENCENG is "Development of a Geo-ENvironmental information system for the region of CENtral Greece". A GIS is based on a spatial database system (SDBS). In order to support spatial objects in a database system several important issues