The full title of this project with acronym GENCENG is "Development of a Geo-ENvironmental information system for the region of CENtral Greece". A GIS is based on a spatial database system (SDBS). In order to support spatial objects in a database system several important issues must be taken into account such as: spatial data models, indexing mechanisms and efficient query processing. An SDBS is a database system that offers spatial data types in its data model and query language and supports spatial data types in its implementation, providing at least spatial indexing and efficient spatial query processing. Spatial database systems has been an active area of research over the past twenty years. Within the proposed project, several of the issues addressed by such research will arise and, especially, modeling of all the kinds of environmental information mentioned in the previous section, as well as, efficient processing of queries related to static and/or changing data for providing services related to environmental issues to authorities, investors and individual citizens. It is expected that the complexity of real demands will unveil issues that have not been covered adequately by past research and novel methods and solution will be needed. Due to space limitations, it is impossible to review all the past related research efforts. However, several review articles and books have appeared in the literature that summarize such efforts. We mention just a few representative ones.

The Information System consists of 3 layers: Data & Administration Layer (RDBMS Layer), Application Layer and Client-Presentation Layer. In Data Layer there is a PostgreSQL RDBMS with PostGIS extensions. Also there are installed Quantum QGIS software for data administration and GeoServer Web UI, web interface of an open source server. In second layer there are installed Apache Tomcat web server and GeoServer, an open source server for sharing geospatial data. Finally in Presentation Layer there are developed 3 web apps: Gengeng portal (written in Drupal 7), Geoportal, an open source web mapping application providing a comprehensive platform for viewing, downloading, analyzing, querying, editing and styling data originating from multiple geospatial sources (based on tools like Openlayers , ExtJS , GeoExt , jQuery and Proj4js) and EGIS portal, based on an open source data portal software called CKAN.

Environmental protection from productive investments becomes a major task for enterprises and constitutes a critical competitiveness factor. At the same time, the viability depends on the growth capability of all production sectors as well as on the guarantee that the environmental effects will not have a major social impact. The region of Central Greece, presents many serious, several and particular environmental problems. The Project Participants were:

  • * University of Thessaly (ex University of Central Greece)
  • * Technical Chamber of Greece – Department of Eastern Central Greece
  • * Gnosis Computers
  • * Intermunicipal Enterprise for Environment and Waste Management Organization of Thebes S.A.

You can find project's website here. GENCENG developed as partner of REKTIS which was contractor of Gnosis Computers.