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ICT Consulting Services

Our information and communications technology (ICT) consultancy ensures technology not only meets the requirements of its users, but that it is implemented and managed to realise the promised benefits.

The occupation with many projects in public sector, has give a great experience in consulting services in the sector of ICT with specialist skills and knowledge include the following areas:

  • * Project Management
  • * Software Engineering
  • * Information Security
  • * Collaboration
  • * Geospatial
  • * System Integration

Some of work experience in domain of consulting is given below (with project name, employer and position role):

  • * Technical support of Special Managing Office for Operational Programs (EYDEP) of Sterea Hellas Region 2000-2006 to monitor European Science Foundation (ESF) actions | EYDEP | Project Manager, Consultant
  • * Software Development and integrated solutions provision, products and IT services advanced third generation technology (web, mobile) | REKTIS | Project Manager, Senior Consultant
  • * Technical Networking Consul-tant at Inter-municipal Civil Society Company "EYXEINI POLI DIMOY LAMIEON" for the project entitled "Action Networking Business Plan Integrated Urban Development in Small Scale Local Bands for the Municipality of Lamia" in Measure 3.7 of ROP CENTRAL GREECE 2000-2006 | Inter-municipal Civil Society Company "EYXEINI POLI DIMOY LAMIEON" | IT Consultant
  • * Technical IT Advisor to the General Hospital of Lamia (G.N.L.) within the project "Development and Improvement Systems for Hospitals Financial Planning and Financial Management using Computerized double-entry system - (5th Y.PE. Support Services). | Ministry for Health and Social Solidarity – 5th health district of Thessalia & Sterea Regios – General Hospital of Lamia (Euroconsultants S.A.) | IT Consultant