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Software System Integration (SSI) is an IT or engineering process or phase concerned with joining different subsystems or components as one large system. It ensures that each integrated subsystem functions as required.

SSI refers to the practice of combining individually tested software components into an integrated whole. Software is integrated when components are combined into subsystems or when subsystems are combined into products. Components may be integrated after all are implemented and tested as in a waterfall model or a "big bang" approach.

In either, software system integration appears as a discrete step toward the end of the development life cycle between component development and integration testing.

After 20 years of experience and involvement with many projects and integrated IT solutions have the expertise and ability to carry through any kind of IT project. Some of the integrated IT projects and in which I have been involved in recent years, on different positions, are:

  • * Monitoring Control of power and automation, automation systems, remote management, systems remote monitoring and remote control with wired and wireless network communications, design and implementation of automation in Biological purification, water mains, pumping stations, analysis and programming PLC's, information systems remote monitoring and control (SCADA), design and implementation of mimic diagrams, etc. - Electrical & Software Engineer at Technor Ltd.
  • * Development & Technical Support of the central trading system Athens Stock Exchange ASE OASIS - Senior IT SW Engineer at Decision S.I. (Infoquest S.A.)
  • * Development and Support of centralized computerized customer billing eCRS British Providence - Senior IT SW Engineer at Decision S.I. (Infoquest S.A.)
  • * Development and Technical Support of project application billing accounts in Vodafone S.A. (Billing systems - SMART, EPOS, CACS) - Senior IT SW Engineer at Decision S.I. (Infoquest S.A.)
  • * Design, Development and Technical Support of mass messaging SMS Connect – Vodafone S.A. - Senior IT SW Engineer at Decision S.I. (Infoquest S.A.)
  • * Technical support of Special Managing Office for Operational Programs (EYDEP) of Sterea Hellas Region 2000-2006 to monitor European Science Foundation (ESF) actions - Project Manager - Consultant
  • * Software Development and integrated solutions provision, products and IT services advanced third generation technology (web, mobile) - Project Manager – Senior Consultant at Rektis
  • * Technical Networking Consul-tant at Inter-municipal Civil Society Company “EYXEINI POLI DIMOY LAMIEON” for the project entitled “Action Networking Business Plan Integrated Urban Development in Small Scale Local Bands for the Municipality of Lamia” in Measure 3.7 of ROP CENTRAL GREECE 2000-2006 - IT Consultant
  • * Payroll Software for the Public Sector - Contractor at Gnosis
  • * e-Government Software Services - Contractor at Gnosis
  • * Project Management 3rd Community Support Framework (EU) - Contractor at Gnosis
  • * Βuilding Μanagement and Communal Apartment Application - Contractor at Gnosis
  • * Elections Results and Statistics - Contractor at Gnosis
  • * Information system weather conditions of secondary national road network of Fthiodita-Fokida & Evrytania Perfecture in the Region of Sterea Ellada - Contractor at Gnosis
  • * Social Providence of municipality of Lamia - Contractor at Gnosis
  • * Geo-ENvironmental Information System - Contractor at Gnosis
  • * Improving visibility of cultural and tourist stock of the Municipality of Lamia using ICT - Contractor at Gnosis
  • * Systems Development and Improvement of Financial Planning and Financial Management of Hospitals to use computerized double-entry accounting system - IT SW Engineer at Rektis
  • * Technical IT Advisor to the General Hospital of Lamia (G.N.L.) within the project "Development and Improvement Systems for Hospitals Financial Planning and Financial Management using Computerized double-entry system (5th Y.PE. Support Services, Euroconsultants S.A.) - IT Consultant at Rektis
  • * City SDK is a pan-European project that will create a service development kit enabling the creation of applications across partner cities in the domains of Mobility, Tourism and Participation. - Contractor at Gnosis
  • * Innovative promotion of broadband services by providing electronic applications for mobile devices and wireless broadband networks to the municipality’s citizens and staff - Contractor at Gnosis
  • * Citizens’ Electronic Service through ICT applications, Municipality of Molos - Contractor at Gnosis
  • * Geographic Information System of Municipality of Lamia - Contractor at Gnosis
  • * Functional Integration of existing information systems (ICT infrastructure and applications) and data for the "Kallikrates" application for municipalities of Lamia, Lokron, Amfiklia-Elatia, Molos-Agios Konstantinos, Stylida and Domokos - Contractor at Gnosis